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Janelle & Chris – Lake Lure – Rumbling Bald Resort

On August 7th we had the honor of photographing Chris and Janelle’s beautiful wedding on Lake Lure at Rumbling Bald Resort.  This was an extra special  wedding for us.  I was able to work with one of my best friends families, the Parkers and we were in the beautiful mountains of NC, one of my favorite places to be and shoot.  We did encounter one of the craziest rains I have ever worked in only moments before the ceremony was set to begin.  A few quick decisions to move the ceremony and we were back in business.  Chris and Janelle were so awesome the entire day.  It is always refreshing to see couples enjoy their day and their love no matter how it unfolds.  Here is a little sneak peek of their wedding day. Janelle_Chris18 Janelle_Chris19Janelle_Chris (4)Janelle_Chris21Janelle_ChrisJanelle_Chris17Janelle_Chris24Janelle_Chris1 Janelle_Chris2 Janelle_Chris3Janelle_Chris35 Janelle_Chris36 Janelle_Chris37Janelle_Chris47 Janelle_Chris46 Janelle_Chris48Janelle_Chris27Janelle_Chris6 Janelle_Chris5Janelle_Chris (1) Janelle_Chris4Janelle_Chris34Janelle_Chris (6)Janelle_Chris33Janelle_Chris32

Janelle_Chris (11)Janelle_Chris (9)Janelle_Chris43Janelle_Chris (3)Janelle_Chris41 Janelle_Chris40Janelle_Chris (10) Janelle_Chris39Janelle_Chris45Janelle_Chris (2)Janelle_Chris52 Janelle_Chris51 Janelle_Chris50 Janelle_Chris49Janelle_Chris12Janelle_Chris14Janelle_Chris25 Janelle_Chris26Janelle_Chris28Janelle_Chris23Janelle_Chris53 Janelle_Chris54Janelle_Chris (5)Janelle_Chris (12)Janelle_Chris (8)Janelle_Chris57 Janelle_Chris55Janelle_Chris56Janelle_Chris (7)Janelle_Chris31Janelle_Chris59 Janelle_Chris60Janelle_Chris58Janelle_Chris61 Janelle_Chris62Janelle_Chris22Janelle_Chris20Janelle_Chris30 Janelle_Chris29Janelle_Chris63 Janelle_Chris70Janelle_Chris68Janelle_Chris66Janelle_Chris67 Janelle_Chris65 Janelle_Chris64

Chelsey & Jason – Concord NC – The Farm at Brush Arbor


Chelsey and Jason were married this spring on Mothers Day.  It was a super sweet afternoon wedding at The Farm at Brush Arbor.  In 11 years of photographing weddings, this may have been the strangest weather we have ever encountered.  The day was full of sunshine, wind and rain, followed by more sunshine, wind and rain.  It was a crazy day. Luckily, the weather was perfect when Chelsey and Jason said “I DO” and the wedding continued without a hitch.  Here are a few of our favorite moments from their day.

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Elisa & Justin – Maternity


I had to share this beautiful maternity session with Elisa and Justin.  Elisa is just radiant and a photographers dream to photograph.  I am super excited to share a few of their sweet images from their session.  Congratulations on their soon to arrive baby boy. IMG_4098 IMG_4650 IMG_4626 IMG_4599IMG_4544IMG_4509 IMG_4504 IMG_4353 IMG_4341IMG_4266 IMG_4259IMG_4179 IMG_4174 IMG_4149 IMG_4131 IMG_4110

Jen & Geoff – Engagements – The Arbors



Jen and Geoff are our next wonderful couple walking down the aisle in March of 2015.  I can’t wait to see what wedding day holds.  These guys were wonderful to work with.  They were are smiles and happiness the day of the shoot, a little rain didn’t get them down.  The count down is on.  IMG_3576IMG_3573 IMG_4016 IMG_3999 IMG_3992 IMG_3966 IMG_3944 IMG_3927 IMG_3886 IMG_3878 IMG_3782 IMG_3774IMG_3765 IMG_3727 IMG_3724 IMG_3705 IMG_3693