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Wendy & Jason – Holly Springs NC – A Family Farm

Last week I took my first road trip to Holly Springs NC for an engagement shoot with Wendy and Jason.  They chose a cute location at The Family Farm.  The Family Farm was a great location and they had it all, horses, cows, chickens and geese.  The only thing they were missing was air condition.  It was crazy hot but Wendy and Jason still rocked it.  Props to them for making the shoot so much fun.  Their October wedding will be here before  we know it and I will be heading to Apex capture the big day.

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Kara and Jordan Rinaldi – Clemmons NC – Tanglewood Park

The new Mr and Mrs Rinaldi said I do on March 18, 2016 at Tanglewood Park in Clemmons NC.   It was such an honor to work with my sweet friend Kara and her main squeeze on her wedding day.  Here is a small glimpse of their wedding.  It was a perfect spring day for our first wedding of 2016. Rinaldi2016 22 Rinaldi2016 23 Rinaldi2016 24 Rinaldi2016 25 Rinaldi2016 27 Rinaldi2016 26 Rinaldi2016 28 Rinaldi2016 29 Rinaldi2016 30 Rinaldi2016 31 Rinaldi2016 34 12Rinaldi2016 35 Rinaldi2016 55 Rinaldi2016 53 Rinaldi2016 51Rinaldi2016 49 Rinaldi2016 47 Rinaldi2016 46 Rinaldi2016 44 Rinaldi2016 43 Rinaldi2016 41 Rinaldi2016 40Rinaldi2016 4 11Rinaldi2016 2Rinaldi2016 5 Rinaldi2016 6Rinaldi2016 58 Rinaldi2016 57Rinaldi2016 63Rinaldi2016 60Rinaldi2016 64Rinaldi2016 69 Rinaldi2016 68 Rinaldi2016 67Rinaldi2016 70 Rinaldi2016 71Rinaldi2016 72Rinaldi2016 73 Rinaldi2016 75 Rinaldi2016 74Rinaldi2016 79 Rinaldi2016 78 Rinaldi2016 77 Rinaldi2016 76Rinaldi2016 82Rinaldi2016 8Rinaldi2016 10 Rinaldi2016 9 Rinaldi2016 14 Rinaldi2016 13 Rinaldi2016 12 Rinaldi2016 11Rinaldi2016 83 Rinaldi2016 89 Rinaldi2016 88 Rinaldi2016 87 Rinaldi2016 86 Rinaldi2016 85 Rinaldi2016 84Rinaldi2016 15Rinaldi2016 90 Rinaldi2016 91 14 13Rinaldi2016 16 Rinaldi2016 17 Rinaldi2016 18Rinaldi2016 93 Rinaldi2016 94 Rinaldi2016 19Rinaldi2016 21 Rinaldi2016 39 Rinaldi2016 36Rinaldi2016 95 Rinaldi2016 33Rinaldi2016 42 Rinaldi2016 48 Rinaldi2016 45Rinaldi2016 52Rinaldi2016 59 Rinaldi2016 54Rinaldi2016 61 Rinaldi2016 62

Margaret & Alex – Engagement Session


We can’t wait to work with this super awesome couple in September 2016.  All the smiles laughter and fun from the engagement session have me looking forward to wedding day.  It is going to be a magical day for Margaret and Alex.

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Sarah & Greg – Charlotte NC – Hodges Farm



Sarah and Greg are one of the sweetest couples we have had the honor to work with.  Just a few weeks before they were to say I do, Sarah and Greg had to move the location of their wedding.  Everyone knows this had to be incredibly stressful for a bride and groom, however, the wedding day went off without a hitch.    All smiles, laughter, love and happiness.  It truly was the perfect day and location for their wedding. IMG_2459IMG_2450IMG_2440 IMG_2424IMG_2511 IMG_2606 IMG_2673 IMG_2680IMG_2471IMG_2713 IMG_2836 IMG_2811 IMG_2798 IMG_2784 IMG_2771 IMG_2762 IMG_2723IMG_2842 IMG_2892 (1) IMG_2884IMG_2959 IMG_2978IMG_3029IMG_2933IMG_2892 IMG_2947IMG_2966 IMG_2931IMG_3120 IMG_3178IMG_3228IMG_3408 IMG_3232 IMG_3436IMG_3546 IMG_3594 IMG_3579 IMG_3565IMG_3464IMG_3290 IMG_3277IMG_3313IMG_3642IMG_3647IMG_3360IMG_3629IMG_3039 IMG_3020 IMG_3016IMG_3706 IMG_3705 IMG_3688 IMG_3680IMG_3718IMG_3825IMG_3849IMG_3765IMG_3445 IMG_3514IMG_3968 IMG_3999IMG_3946IMG_3510