Lindsey & Brian – Mooresville NC – Engagements

2017 is around the corner and Lindsey and Brian will help us kick off  next years wedding season when they tie the knot on April 1st.   Downtown Mooresville was the perfect location for their engagement shoot and it will be just as lovely for the big day.  I am super honored my sweet friend is allowing me to share in such a special time in their lives.  I may have laughed at this shoot more than any other.  Lindsey and Brian know how to keep you on your toes.

Lindsey&Brian 27 Lindsey&Brian 29Lindsey&Brian 32Lindsey&Brian 8 Lindsey&Brian 14Lindsey&Brian 22Lindsey&Brian 36Lindsey&Brian 40 Lindsey&Brian 43Lindsey&Brian 51 Lindsey&Brian 54Lindsey&Brian 66 Lindsey&Brian 82Lindsey&Brian 85 Lindsey&Brian 91Lindsey&Brian 94 Lindsey&Brian 96Lindsey&Brian 106 Lindsey&Brian 112

Janelle & Chris – Lake Lure – Rumbling Bald Resort

On August 7th we had the honor of photographing Chris and Janelle’s beautiful wedding on Lake Lure at Rumbling Bald Resort.  This was an extra special  wedding for us.  I was able to work with one of my best friends families, the Parkers and we were in the beautiful mountains of NC, one of my favorite places to be and shoot.  We did encounter one of the craziest rains I have ever worked in only moments before the ceremony was set to begin.  A few quick decisions to move the ceremony and we were back in business.  Chris and Janelle were so awesome the entire day.  It is always refreshing to see couples enjoy their day and their love no matter how it unfolds.  Here is a little sneak peek of their wedding day. Janelle_Chris18 Janelle_Chris19Janelle_Chris (4)Janelle_Chris21Janelle_ChrisJanelle_Chris17Janelle_Chris24Janelle_Chris1 Janelle_Chris2 Janelle_Chris3Janelle_Chris35 Janelle_Chris36 Janelle_Chris37Janelle_Chris47 Janelle_Chris46 Janelle_Chris48Janelle_Chris27Janelle_Chris6 Janelle_Chris5Janelle_Chris (1) Janelle_Chris4Janelle_Chris34Janelle_Chris (6)Janelle_Chris33Janelle_Chris32

Janelle_Chris (11)Janelle_Chris (9)Janelle_Chris43Janelle_Chris (3)Janelle_Chris41 Janelle_Chris40Janelle_Chris (10) Janelle_Chris39Janelle_Chris45Janelle_Chris (2)Janelle_Chris52 Janelle_Chris51 Janelle_Chris50 Janelle_Chris49Janelle_Chris12Janelle_Chris14Janelle_Chris25 Janelle_Chris26Janelle_Chris28Janelle_Chris23Janelle_Chris53 Janelle_Chris54Janelle_Chris (5)Janelle_Chris (12)Janelle_Chris (8)Janelle_Chris57 Janelle_Chris55Janelle_Chris56Janelle_Chris (7)Janelle_Chris31Janelle_Chris59 Janelle_Chris60Janelle_Chris58Janelle_Chris61 Janelle_Chris62Janelle_Chris22Janelle_Chris20Janelle_Chris30 Janelle_Chris29Janelle_Chris63 Janelle_Chris70Janelle_Chris68Janelle_Chris66Janelle_Chris67 Janelle_Chris65 Janelle_Chris64

Carolyn & Gregory – Huntersville NC – Asbury Park Grove

May 16, 2015 Carolyn and Gregory said I do in Gregory’s hometown of Huntersville NC.  Carolyn and Gregory decided Huntersville would be a perfect location to marry and a convenient location for themselves, now living in Virginia and Carolyn’s family traveling from her home state of Louisiana.  Carolyn and Gregory were truly one of the most loving couples I have had the honor to work with.  Watching these guys enjoy their wedding day and each other was a blessing and one of the many reasons I love being wedding photographer.  6533265329653306532765339 65338 653376533465333653406534165348 65347 65346 65345 65344 653436534265349 65353 65352 65351 653506532365322653246532565354653165319653266532065359 65358 65357 65356 6535565346536 6535653765369 65367 6536665364 65363 65362653865373 653726531165371653106531465316 653156537565376 65388 65387 65386 65385 65384 65383 65382 65381 65380 65379 65378 6537765317 653186538965390

Rebeca & Craig-Cleveland NC-The Arbors

DanaArndtPhotography 79

 Rebeca & Craig said I do at one of my favorite venues, The Arbors on August 23, 2014.   A gorgeous couple paired with the perfect location created  awesome day wedding images.  Wooden pews at an outdoor ceremony was a beautiful touch and very unique.  Just one of the many special touches Rebeca and Craig incorporated into their wedding.  The guest and couple partied the night away with music videos from their favorite tunes.  Love this touch, it was so much fun for their guest and photographers too.  Congratulations to one awesome couple!!!

DanaArndtPhotography 4DanaArndtPhotography 5DanaArndtPhotography 9DanaArndtPhotography (1)DanaArndtPhotography 10DanaArndtPhotography 7DanaArndtPhotography 11DanaArndtPhotography 65DanaArndtPhotography 64DanaArndtPhotography 6DanaArndtPhotographyDanaArndtPhotography 1DanaArndtPhotography 12DanaArndtPhotography 15 DanaArndtPhotography 14DanaArndtPhotography 2DanaArndtPhotography 13DanaArndtPhotography 16DanaArndtPhotography 26DanaArndtPhotography 17DanaArndtPhotography 19 DanaArndtPhotography 20DanaArndtPhotography (2)DanaArndtPhotography 73DanaArndtPhotography 21 DanaArndtPhotography 22 DanaArndtPhotography 23 DanaArndtPhotography 24 DanaArndtPhotography 25DanaArndtPhotography 75DanaArndtPhotography 78DanaArndtPhotography 66DanaArndtPhotography (5)DanaArndtPhotography (3)DanaArndtPhotography 77DanaArndtPhotography (6)DanaArndtPhotography 35DanaArndtPhotography 32DanaArndtPhotography 81DanaArndtPhotography 30DanaArndtPhotography 71 DanaArndtPhotography 70 DanaArndtPhotography 69 DanaArndtPhotography 68DanaArndtPhotography 8DanaArndtPhotography 53 DanaArndtPhotography 67DanaArndtPhotography 41 DanaArndtPhotography 42DanaArndtPhotography 47DanaArndtPhotography 44 DanaArndtPhotography 43DanaArndtPhotography 49DanaArndtPhotography 54DanaArndtPhotography 40 DanaArndtPhotography 39DanaArndtPhotography 48DanaArndtPhotography 51 DanaArndtPhotography 50DanaArndtPhotography 52DanaArndtPhotography 55 DanaArndtPhotography 59DanaArndtPhotography 57 DanaArndtPhotography 56 DanaArndtPhotography 60 DanaArndtPhotography 62 DanaArndtPhotography 61DanaArndtPhotography 87 DanaArndtPhotography 88DanaArndtPhotography 85DanaArndtPhotography 86 DanaArndtPhotography 90