New Borns

Sweet Baby Benjamin

IMG_5106 (1)

Last weekend we had the chance to photography this adorable little guy.  You can never tell by these image but Benjamin had a different idea for his photo shoot.  This little guy decided he would stay awake and enjoy the party for, four hours.  He finally took a small cat nap and we got a few images snapped, all in about a 20 minute time frame.  In the end everyone won.  He enjoyed the party and everyone around and we have some super cute shoots of this little guy!

IMG_5128 (1)




Baby Ryker

Last week Bobbie and Chad welcomed their cute bundle of joy, Ryker Wayne to the family. A few days later I had the honor of meeting this little guy for his first photo shoot.  I must say he did an amazing job!!  He is a pro at only 5 days old.  He was the perfect model for our new baby images. During the session  I was also able to catch up with childhood friends which made the day even sweeter.  Congratulations to this sweet family.