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Wendy & Jason – Holly Springs NC – A Family Farm

Last week I took my first road trip to Holly Springs NC for an engagement shoot with Wendy and Jason.  They chose a cute location at The Family Farm.  The Family Farm was a great location and they had it all, horses, cows, chickens and geese.  The only thing they were missing was air condition.  It was crazy hot but Wendy and Jason still rocked it.  Props to them for making the shoot so much fun.  Their October wedding will be here before  we know it and I will be heading to Apex capture the big day.

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Lindsey & Brian – Mooresville NC – Engagements

2017 is around the corner and Lindsey and Brian will help us kick off  next years wedding season when they tie the knot on April 1st.   Downtown Mooresville was the perfect location for their engagement shoot and it will be just as lovely for the big day.  I am super honored my sweet friend is allowing me to share in such a special time in their lives.  I may have laughed at this shoot more than any other.  Lindsey and Brian know how to keep you on your toes.

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