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Jen & Geoff – Cleveland NC – The Arbors

Jen and Geoff tied the knot March 21st, at the Arbors in Cleveland. It was our first spring wedding of 2015 and a perfect way to start off wedding season.    After the wedding, Geoff requested a mini-preview as soon as possible for his grandfather.  This is a preview for Geoff, Jen and their families, such a sweet group of people to work with on such a special day.  Please pay special attention to the image of Geoff and his little brother.  Although he’s wasn’t physically able to be at the wedding, due to deployment,  he was able to send his big brother a special toast and congratulations via text.  I was so thrilled to be able to capture this image for them.  Congratulations to Jen & Geoff.  We were so happy to share in your special day.  IMG_8158 IMG_8164IMG_8132IMG_8228 IMG_8255 IMG_8259 IMG_8267 IMG_8279 IMG_8294 IMG_8310IMG_8341IMG_8362IMG_8605 (1) IMG_8458IMG_6094 IMG_6089IMG_6098 IMG_8478 IMG_8512IMG_5955IMG_6274IMG_8701 IMG_8694IMG_6052IMG_8707IMG_9701IMG_8806IMG_8844 IMG_8838IMG_8898 IMG_8908IMG_6161 (1)IMG_9026 IMG_9018IMG_6179IMG_8997 IMG_9010IMG_9033 IMG_9035 IMG_9050IMG_9217 IMG_9182 IMG_9159IMG_9254 IMG_9288 IMG_9314IMG_9324 IMG_9404 IMG_9431IMG_6465 IMG_6435IMG_9528IMG_8739IMG_8733 IMG_8736IMG_8769IMG_8752IMG_8759IMG_9745 IMG_9757IMG_9671IMG_6556IMG_9764IMG_6527IMG_9647 IMG_9635IMG_9861 IMG_9870IMG_6538IMG_6627 IMG_6642IMG_9873IMG_9814IMG_9968 IMG_9943 IMG_9925IMG_6788 IMG_6745IMG_0024 IMG_0122 IMG_0412 IMG_0486 IMG_0509