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Little Miss Paisley is 2

Paisley 1

Miss Paisley is now 2. This is my third time photographing this cutie and I must say it was fun seeing how much she has grown.  She has turned in to quite the little girl.  Anyone who photographs children, especially two year olds knows it can be a challenge.  I have to give huge props to Miss Paisley.  She smiled and had fun the entire time.  She was a ham for the camera and a true joy to photograph.  We did take a tiny break to honor one of her photo request, a quick shot of her  riding in a mechanical boat.  It was a small price to pay for such a great shoot.  


Paisley 3

Fun In The Snow


In keeping with tradition we had to do another snow photo shoot with Kara.  This time we actually had two mini shoots.  We decided to go out and make a go of it on Thursday once the snow had stopped.  As soon as we got out there it started up again and made things a little difficult.  A wet camera and weird focusing on so many snow flakes was a little challenging, plus it was cold.  Not to mention we had to clear a spot for her to stand because the snow was so deep.  After ten minutes we gave up and went back in and waited for better conditions.  I love that we had two mini shoots resulting in totally different looks. Kara has become quite the little model.  She can work it!

IMG_5214 (2)

Sweet Baby Benjamin

IMG_5106 (1)

Last weekend we had the chance to photography this adorable little guy.  You can never tell by these image but Benjamin had a different idea for his photo shoot.  This little guy decided he would stay awake and enjoy the party for, four hours.  He finally took a small cat nap and we got a few images snapped, all in about a 20 minute time frame.  In the end everyone won.  He enjoyed the party and everyone around and we have some super cute shoots of this little guy!

IMG_5128 (1)




Baby Ryker

Last week Bobbie and Chad welcomed their cute bundle of joy, Ryker Wayne to the family. A few days later I had the honor of meeting this little guy for his first photo shoot.  I must say he did an amazing job!!  He is a pro at only 5 days old.  He was the perfect model for our new baby images. During the session  I was also able to catch up with childhood friends which made the day even sweeter.  Congratulations to this sweet family.