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The Cutest Pout


Yesterday we were in the full swing of things taking new head shots of Kara.  In the middle of the shoot she had a total breakdown tears and all. Now let me give you the back story that lead to this unfortunate event.  Earlier in the day she planned a sleep over with her papaw and mia.  All her idea.  Then she decided to invite them to her photo shoot.  If you know Kara, you know she is big on having an audience.  Right in the middle of her shoot, papaw decides he has to run to the store to pick up a few things.  Kara misunderstood and thought she was being left behind and her sleep over canceled.  Broken heart, and waterfall of tears lead to this cute image of her pouting on a kitchen chair.  One of my favorites, so I had to share. Not to worry.  A few minutes later the whole situation was clarified and under control  and she was back to all smiles.


The Most Important Photos of Your Wedding Day


I am a photographer and taking images is what I love.  Therefore, I have decided to give short and sweet advice on my blog vs. writing all day.  I feel a photographers images should say it all, not how much they can blog.  Today is the day I will start.  I hope you can find my tid-bit and I mean tid-bit of information helpful.

The most important images of your wedding day are the images that capture the emotion and love of the day.  They are the images you absolutely do not want your photographer to miss.  These are the photographs that will allow you to relive the love of the day for years to come.  They evoke emotion that a standard portrait just can’t convey.  So, my short and sweet advice to all engaged couples is this.  Do not bog your photographer down with extensive shot list copied from Pinterest or other social media. Let your photographer document  your day as it unfolds.  Wedding photographers thrive on creating beautiful, interesting images and they work best when they are able to express and execute their ideas.  However, I do highly suggest hiring a photographer who has a body work that compliments your photography style and then let them do their thing.   If you photographer has a body of work you truly love, you will not be disappointed with your wedding day images.


DSC_2719 (1)


Lovely Bridals

One of  my favorite things about my job as a wedding photographer is shooting bridal portraits.  These sessions are always so much fun.  It is a great time to really bond with the bride her mother and  usually her maid of honor.  An all girls day of fun.  Not to mention it is the first time you get to see her dress.  This is my favorite.  I love seeing the dress.  If you are getting ready to walk down the aisle, I highly suggest scheduling a bridal portrait.  It is the perfect time to focus on yourself in a fun relaxed photo session. Bridal portrait day is also the perfect opportunity to see how all of your hard work has paid off.  It will be your first time you see your wedding day look all put together.